Different Ways To Practice Self Care Through Nutrition

How To Practice Self Care Through Nutrition

Self-love is important for thinking in a positive way. When you want to love for yourself, you take into consideration your own happiness and emotions. It’s not just something motivational speakers are essential to push down your throat, it’s having a higher fondness of self. And you need to take good care of yourself. 

Hence, self-care is simply a path to nourish yourself. You can initiate your journey by caring for yourself, inner care, and your body. Proper self-care and nutrition for your body to promote sleeping, eating right, and exercising well. In this blog, we’re significantly talking about taking self-care through nutrition.

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How can you practice good nutrition? 

What you consume in a day greatly results in your health. Good nutrition helps to lead a happy lifestyle. When you assimilate this with good food, sleep and make a timetable for everything. Not only this, but it also avoids the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases. Always follow healthy eating habits. You can generate small lifestyle issues gradually. 

Even practising yoga for five to ten minutes every day, can enhance a good healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition intake and consuming healthy food are important for self-care. You have to keep the balance of your life which only comes from consuming nutritious foods. Do not suffer from hunger yourself.

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What are the ways for improving your overall diet routine? 

There are many ways to take care of body health, we have listed five such points below –

Maintaining track of your diet

You can take care of your routine dietary needs by consuming a calorie counter. You need to ensure you don’t eat more or fewer calories than you burn in a day. Becoming overweight, or kept nourished is neither healthy nor wise. 

Understanding that your body wants whole-nutrition foods over snacks. So, the next time you are at your breakfast table, A balanced food will not only help you fully but also be useful for keeping healthy calories. 

Eating a wide variety of foods

India is popular for its wide number of fruits and vegetables. It becomes an easy task to take a colourful, balanced diet because of this. To intake the variety in your diet, you can try including a new fruit or vegetable in your diet. 

You can also initiate by having food that comes from various families, adding a glass of buttermilk, pure desi ghee, and a salad to your meal can prepare it nutritionally. You can also schedule your days into a balanced diet chart that promotes a wide variety of foods. 

 Whole grains are the base of your diet

Many people are trying to change their focus from starchy ingredients like bread, rice, and potatoes when wanting to improve their diet or trying for weight loss. It is a myth that starchy foods can stimulate fat destroyers. 

On the contrary, starchy foods are an essential source of energy that promotes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and fibre source. They also intake half of the calories as fats. You must initiate by consuming a lot of cereals and whole grains with every meal. 

Select whole-grain alternatives like brown rice, wholemeal bread, and high-fibre breakfast cereals over other meals selective as these are enriched in starch. Involving ghee as a topping for every food can also help.

Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Consuming fruits and vegetables are the healthiest and tastiest process of having more nutrition in your body. This rejuvenation of health with organic grass-fed ghee is a gift of the cow to promote you with essential vitamins and minerals and protect you against health conditions. 

Involve at least two parts of fruits and five to six vegetable consumption in your daily food to keep a healthy balance of nutrition. Consuming the skin of some fruits is also highly important as it is enriched in fibre. You can use vegetables for your salad, fruits for your breakfast, smoothies and even shakes, and ice creams.

Increase your fluid intake

Drinking seven to eight glasses of water every day is most effective to lead a healthy, problem-free life. Water is an effortless way of maintaining yourself active, healthy inside and out. Water not only decontaminates and detoxifies your whole system but also helps to boost your metabolism. 

Dehydration can lead to skin issues, make your hair brittle and cause fatigue, poor concentration, and many such problems. Drinking herbal juices, green tea, and fruit-infused water can also be an alternative to maintaining yourself hydrated.

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Eating ghee is the best practice: 

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Apart from all other alternatives a purified form of butter called Indian desi ghee has been crucial in both the Indian kitchen and Ayurveda perspective of ghee with medicinal properties since ancient times. Ghee is most of the time meant as clarified butter. 

Clarified butter is prepared by heating unsalted butter until the milk solids and many ways of self-care are in water level to the top, where they are skimmed off. Ghee from cooking the butter for a longer duration and straining it out for all the milk solids and water remains pure butterfat behind. Whether it can be flavoured with herbs and spices, ghee can be used in approximately every issue known for butter, as oil for stir-frying and sautéing, or drizzled over vegetables and popcorn. Today, professional chefs with a mind for health and safety customers have found its rich, nutty flavour along with its many health benefits.  In addition to its tasty flavour, here are some of the advantages you can have from cooking with ghee.

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Incorporating Ghee Consumption on an Empty Stomach

Consuming ghee on an empty stomach begins the creation of Rasa, the beneficial nourishing juice that initiates the morning on a rejuvenating note. This nourishing elixir delivers an important role in securing and nurturing all seven tissues of the body.

Ghee’s benefits elevate beyond mere nourishment, as it caters as a natural lubricant for joints, shielding the discomfort connected with cracking and popping joints resulting from excess Vata. Internally, it fights the skin dryness by hydrating the skin, demonstrating  its notable quality in lubricating the gastrointestinal tract and extracting the toxins, known as Ama.

Clarified butter, or ghee, with its milk solids eliminated, boasts a high consistency of medium-chain fatty acids. Considered  for their seamless digestibility, these fats may deliver an imperative in stimulating the digestive process. When mixed with warm water, ghee acts as a digestive lubricant, promoting smoother digestion and minimizing the likelihood of digestive discomfort.

On the contrary to common belief, gradual ghee consumption may add to weight management. The healthy fats in ghee can give rise to a sense of satiety, potentially minimizing the tendency to overeat throughout the day. Furthermore, the combination of ghee and warm water is thought to jumpstart metabolism, supporting the body in burning calories more effectively. Embracing this practice not only supports entire well-being but also positions the tone for a nourishing and harmonious beginning to the day.


It is very crucial in today’s time to practice self-care and pay attention to our body’s needs. Whether it may be by listening to your favourite songs, relaxing through a body massage, or consuming proper nutrition and whatever path you select, you must invest your energy in caring for yourself on a daily basis. 

You can also offer simple steps like changing a habit of sugar with raw honey or raw wild honey and drinking green tea for weight loss to practice a healthier approach. And replace other cooking oils with organic cow ghee for its high nutritional benefits. You should also let others consider the Ayurvedic vision of pure desi ghee and also make routine in your daily life for a better healthy life. If You want to buy ghee online please visit our website: https://sureshdesighee.com/product/desi-cow-ghee/